Case Study

Work Ethics Programme for Oman’s Largest Oil & Gas Supplier

Case Study

Work Ethics Programme for Oman’s Largest Oil & Gas Supplier


Our client wanted to ensure a strong culture of commitment and ethics frim their employees from Day 1 of employment. IDG, holding an existing relationship with the client, was approached early in 2013 to provide a Work Ethics programme to be given to Omani trainees during their foundation training at various institutes across the Sultanate.


We developed a 22-week programme to be delivered to all foundation level trainees. The programme was aimed to encourage and develop better leadership, followership and teamwork behaviours. We devised 22 individual three-hour sessions to be delivered weekly to the trainees, each week focusing on a different key theme, with affirmatory assessment given at monthly intervals to ensure retention of learning. Trainees were also measured weekly against KPIs as given by the client to allow for accurate measurement of behaviours. Furthermore we devised 3 reflection and goal setting sessions to be delivered at 3, 6 and 9 months after completion of the initial programme, thus ensuring sustainable behavioural change. The programme applies experiential learning methods, challenging the participants and embedding the learning for commercial and sustainable learning outcomes.



The programme was hugely successful in achieving its aims, with a steady improvement against the KPIs being noted across the programme each week, resulting in measurable improvement from Week 1 to Week 25.


” It is really pleasing to see that these trainees have absorbed and understand the importance of the key messages delivered within this programme. IDG has made a real difference”Ali Al Hinai, Contract Holder, Work Ethics Programme



Industry: Oil & Gas
Location: Oman
Duration of programme: 22 weeks
Solution: Mulit-session programme